Country Cubes

An easy-to-feed, versatile ration which, like Country Mix, offers those with a range of ruminant stock, the convenience of one all-round feed.

Provide highly digestible energy, from cereal and fibre sources, to supplement forage and to support increased requirements when necessary eg. pregnancy, lactation etc.

The vitamin and mineral profile includes bioavailable Bioplex® zinc and Sel-Plex® selenium.

Supply quality protein for enhanced performance.

Composition: Wheatfeed, Wheat, Grass Meal, Molasses, Nutritionally Improved Straw, Soya Bean Meal Extract, Distillers Grains, Vitamins & Minerals, Soya Oil.

Analytical Constituents: Protein 16%, Oil 3%, Fibre 10%, Ash 6%.

Feeding Recommendations 

Country Cubes can be fed to growing cattle from 6 months of age. For beef animals, if grass is limited or when forage is insufficient to sustain the required growth, 0.5 – 1kg of Country Mix or Country Cubes can be fed for every 100kg of live weight.

For dairy cows, ad lib good quality grass or forage can be supplemented with 0.4kg of Country Mix or Country Cubes for every litre of milk produced.

Country Mix or Cubes can be introduced during the last 3 – 4 weeks of a cow’s pregnancy at a rate of up to 1kg per day, depending on breed.

Sheep/ Goats:
Lambs and kids may be carefully introduced to Country Mix or Cubes as soon as they show an interest in concentrate feed.

In-lamb/kid and lactating ewes/goats may have their forage supplemented with 0.5 – 1.25kg per day of Country Mix or Cubes.

Other animals may be supplemented with Country Mix or Cubes at a rate of 0.5 – 0.75kg per day, depending on size and quality of forage.