Feeding Advice

Feeding Chickens
Chickens are omnivores eating both vegetable matter and animal protein.

Feeding Deer
Advice on feeding the domestic deer.

Feeding Goats
Goats are social animals and therefore should not be kept alone. They are browsing ruminants and will often graze shrubs, bushes and hedgerow plants in preference to grass.

Feeding Llamas & Alpacas
Alpaca and Llama are both camelid species. In the absence of upper incisors, camelids use lower incisors, their hard dental pad (roof of the mouth) and lips to select food.

Feeding Pigs
Pigs are omnivores and therefore eat a large variety of different foodstuffs, including grass; nuts; berries and roots.

Feeding Sheep
Sheep should only ever be fed specific sheep feeds as they are very susceptible to copper toxicity and the copper level in most feeds is unsuitable.

Feeding Waterfowl
The term waterfowl includes ducks and geese. All waterfowl share a need for water in their environment.