Wild Bird Delight

A varied mix of seeds, grains and nuts, designed to attract both large and small birds and tempt even the fussiest of feeders. 

Contains black sunflower seeds, which have a high oil content to promote feather health and condition. 

Kibbled Peanuts (not whole nuts) for added energy value, being a favourite of tits, house sparrows and finches.

A blend of small seeds, which attract a wide range of birds, in particular the smaller common garden species.

Cut Maize and Wheat are high in carbohydrates and attract ground feeders like Blackbirds and Robins.

Feeding Recommendations:

Once you start to feed your garden birds, you should continue to do so through the winter as they become dependent on you as a source of food.

A bird bath is also a great asset as a source of water. 

Composition: Wheat, Black Sunflower Seeds, Cut Maize, Kibbled Peanuts, White Millet, Red Dari, Red Millet, Linseed Seed, Canary Seed, Black Rape, White Dari.